the swarm

Together, we are unstoppable.

Mission Statement

The Swarm is a block producer candidate comprised of entrepreneurs, hard workers, and dreamers. We believe in the EOS.IO blockchain and its ability to secure Life, Liberty, and Property. Our team is committed to honoring and upholding the EOS.IO constitution and chain arbitration process. We seek to strengthen the global community by promoting awareness and adoption of the EOS.IO platform. Our goal is to serve as a community-driven incubator that will foster the development of innovation that brings positive change to the world.

Our Goals

  • Scale to fulfill all needs of the EOS.IO network as it grows
  • Deploy servers in multiple locations for security and diversity
  • Promote awareness by supporting local meetups, conferences, and hackathons
  • Reinvest in the community and serve as an incubator for dApp development
  • Contribute to the EOS.IO collective body of knowledge
  • Foster a culture of collaboration on a global scale


Our Values


Securing the network as efficiently as possible is our top priority.  For dApps to thrive and reach mainstream adoption on the EOS.IO platform, peak performance and the ability to scale will be the paramount priority for all block producers.



Block Producers will need to maintain the highest level of integrity within the community. As such, we believe openness and transparency from a financial and operational perspective will be a key attribute for successful block production.


As members of the EOS.IO community first, our focus will always be to serve the needs of our fellow members in helping grow a more prosperous and free ecosystem.  The members of EOS.IO are the foundation that will make all of this possible.

Our Team

Thomas Bruton

Thomas Bruton


Software Development

Aaron Schnider, CPA

Aaron Schnider, CPA


Business Strategy

Contact US

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